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In Brazil, it’s a manner development to seem slutty

In contrast to lookup orders for the ‘Korean women’ otherwise ‘Brazilian women’, a journey command towards ‘Dutch women’ does not show a specific style pattern or label because the ‘cute’ otherwise ‘sexy’

To help you explain that it trend i see new Brazilian model Adriana Lima (select Shape 4). She’s helping the brand Victoria’s Secret one, among other things, deal lingerie. The brand new offer from Victoria’s Magic is “The brand new hottest bras, undies and ladies’ manner” (Victoria Magic, letter.d.).

Various other present explain Latinas inside a very stereotypical method once the people which have slutty curves: “You’ll find nothing far more provocative than just an excellent curvy, well-proportioned profile such as those presented because of the too many Latina and Hispanic women” (Bal Harbour Plastic surgery, 2011), and you will “brand new curvy Hispanic stereotype is that they keeps large chest, nicely toned hands, quick waists, heavy hips, and you can thighs one to touching” (Reichard, 2013), otherwise “Hispanic ladies are curvy, horny and you may sensual” (Nittle, 2016).