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DEMETER is new Olympian goddess regarding agriculture, grains and you can money


ACHAEA (Achaia), good surname off Demeter wherein she are worshipped in the Athens from the Gephyraeans who had emigrated thither top Boeotia. (Herod. v. 61; Plut. Was. ainsi que Osir. p. 378, D.)

AMPHICTY?ONIS (Amphiktuonis), a good surname out of Demeter, produced from Anthela, in which she try worshipped around that it term, since it are the spot out of fulfilling on the amphictyons regarding Thermopylae, and since sacrifices had been open to the girl within opening of most of the meeting. (Herod. vii. two hundred ; Strab. ix. p. 429.)

ANESIDO?RA (Anesidora), the fresh spender out-of presents, a good surname given to Gaea and Demeter, the second out-of which got a forehead under it identity at the Phlius for the Attica. (Paus. we. 29. § 2; Hesych. s. v.; Plut. Sympos. p. 745.)

ANTAEA (Antaia), a beneficial surname off Demeter, Rhea, and you may escort review Allen TX Cybele, most likely is short for a beneficial deity just who child will get approach in prayers. (Orph.