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Consequence of the baseline regression and you may instrumental varying regression

Dining table dos merchandise the results of the standard and you can IV regressions. Due to the fact revealed by standard binary probit design leads to Table dos, the brand new coefficient out-of internet use regularity is tall and you will confident (coefficient = 0.030, p Table 2 The relationship ranging from sites use regularity and you can winning aging out of earlier Chinese ladies

Desk 2 and profile the fresh reasonableness of IV. First, the fresh Cragg-Donald Wald F fact and you will Kleibergen-Paap rk Wald F fact was and you may , respectively. These types of analytics is notably higher than the newest Inventory-Yogo poor IV take to critical property value (10% maximal IV proportions) . Therefore, brand new null theory the provincial sites penetration speed try a great weakened IV are declined. 2nd, the fresh Kleibergen-Paap rk LM fact is actually (p 2 = , p Table 3 Robustness take a look at away from subgroup regression (IV-probit)