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Dipo, Ghana Inside the Ghana, the fresh new Krobo classification introduces female so you can adulthood to your one or two-date Dipo service

Ji Li and you can Guan Li, Confucian – Asia In some areas of Asia, there’s been recently a resurgence of Confucian-style future of age ceremonies Ji Li (for women) and you can Guan Li (getting boys). Ladies be involved in good hairpin ceremony in which her tresses will get washed, combed, and put with the an enthusiastic updo with pins created from silver, jade, otherwise timber.

Gwan Rye, Southern Korea Every third Saturday regarding Can get, Korean someone as much as 2 decades old enjoy dentro de masse getting Gwan Rye

Ladies, the virgins, get paraded within neighborhood as Dipo-yi, or starts. They are given a ritual shower, eat sugar cane, drink a beverage (made of millet alcohol, hand drink, and you will schnapps), and their ft is “washed” with slaughtered goats’ bloodstream. Once this type of techniques, the ladies exit its village to live in confinement to own a great day in which he is coached on childbearing, preparing, cleaning, and whatever they imagine getting an excellent spouse.