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Smith, and you may Emily Hannum to own advice and information, as well as two anonymous referees


1 Validated time series data of nqx do not exist for Kazakhstan, but high correspondence with Russian rates since 1960 is evident in the neighboring state of Kyrgyzstan (Guillot et al., 2011a).

dos An alternative reasons hinges on the chance that the new decline of Soviet regime need to have personally impacted not simply Russians, however, group who had been the main Soviet program. Blum contends that antique friends program in Central Asia may had been a barrier up against both program of Soviet control together with shock of your slip of the Soviet Relationship one to very Russians-and you may russified Main Asians, to some degree-did not have (Blum, 1994, ch. 3).

step three Bad binomial is selected over regular Poisson design in check in order to account fully for heterogeneity inside categories, while the analysis showcase over-dispersion one violates this new assumptions of Poisson model (Cameron and you will Trevedi, 1990).

cuatro Even when Russian fluency has been confirmed in a number of training as a serious determinant away from behavioural differences certainly Kazakhs (Agad), Some provides debated one to bilingualism itself is almost certainly not a beneficial sign regarding russification (Anderson and you may Gold, 1983, 1990). But not, new return of Kazakh so you’re able to personal have fun with during the 90s capturing what Anderson & Gold title “unassimilated bilingualism.” Into extent, up coming, that people get a hold of a big difference, how big the outcome can be underestimated.

6 Differential death of the urban/rural urban area try unsound, due to different likelihood of fatalities in order to outlying owners are advertised inside the urban areas; including, in the event the a rural resident becomes deceased when you look at the a metropolitan medical.