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Matthew Lush, known as Gaygod and you will Rich was a gay YouTuber

He’s a beneficial vlogger and you will listings humorous YouTube videos. Matthew is actually bullied in the high-school and you may sealed the nation aside, however he is aside just like the gay that will be a great deal happy. Now, Matthew are going to be himself and therefore their admirers really likes.

79) Kenny Moffitt

Kenny Moffitt try a beneficial polygamous gay YouTuber. He’s inside the a connection that have one or two men. Including, Kenny is actually an employee in the BuzzFeed Flicks. One of his true hottest BuzzFeed posts was “In the event that Future health Problems were handled such as for example Psychological state Difficulties.”

80) Mark E Miller

Mark Age Miller is actually a gay YouTuber and you may social media superstar. He fulfilled their current date Ethan inside the . Immediately after appointment Ethan lovoo mobile site, he posted 1st YouTube video clips called “My Developing Facts.” The guy basic took off off his “Uncomfortable Kissing” Films went widespread.

lovoo review

In many cases, clients have been evicted regarding home whenever commercial facilities reach flourish

Based on Mengesha

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