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Abuse can range away from verbal, emotional, sexual, to help you real abuse

Generally, contained in this polygamous property, there are numerous tensions and you can problems amongst the other functions with it: new partner, co-wives, and kids. Most our users stated that its husband might possibly be abusive, particularly when the guy eaten alcohol.

A twenty five -year-old lady said that: “As he products, he insults me, whenever I pray so you’re able to Jesus of the getting in touch with his label, he will get angrier and you may informs me not saying “Egizabher Egizabher” in Amharic, meaning do not say Goodness many times. He comes all of the Week-end and you can tells me so you can to visit suicide by holding the strength, and then he shouts during the me personally, saying to leave out of their domestic and you may says he’ll eliminate me along with his bare give, and since associated with, I’m usually scared of dropping my life.