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The relationship evolved, and you will Maggie became more integrated into Jackson’s members of the family

Cristina Yang [ ]

Cristina and you may Maggie basic came across whenever Cristina interviewed Maggie with the direct of cardiovascular system updates during the GSM. Despite impact that Maggie was very younger for the job, she informed Owen that she is actually competent to exercise.

Just after she are officially rented, Maggie turned furious while the Cristina failed to regard the girl while the her the fresh manager. Into the Cristina’s last date, she arranged a good pediatric cardiovascular system transplant (to own Link McNeil) amidst new chaos of your own explosion at the mall, far so you’re able to Maggie’s distress and anger. Cristina even treated her once the a citizen because of the not paying attention to their objections and you can virtually pressuring the woman to arrange Hook up into the surgery. Maggie ultimately did brand new transplant herself because the Cristina must get-off to capture the lady flight.

Job [ ]

She accomplished highschool, university, and you will med college early.