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W. Rostow, the new stages from economic gains are: a beneficial

To improve financial growth government entities is most likely in order to: a) Boost interest rates b) Boost tax cost c) Give incentives to blow d) Offer incentives to keep Answer: C fifty. Economic gains is seen of the an outward move out of: a) The supply Options Frontier b) The Terrible Domestic Barrier c) The fresh new Marginal Application Boundary d) Minimal Efficient Level Answer: An effective 51. Based on W. One or two b. About three c. Four d. Four Answer: D 52. All underdeveloped economic climates suffer from ____ that do not allow the growth rate go up out-of less level. Large people demands b. Higher kid mortality c. Hugh monetary mismanagement d. Higher level of scientific jobless Address: A good 53.

The thought of economic development is: a good. The same on the idea of financial innovation b. Narrower than the concept of monetary invention c. Wide compared to the compared to economic invention d. Not related towards the notion of economic invention Address: B 54. The rate out of development of a discount mainly is determined by: a. The interest rate away from development of new labour force b. The new ratio out-of national earnings saved and you will spent c. The interest rate regarding technical improvements d. All of the more than Respond to: D 55. The brand new stationary county as the envisaged by the Adam Smith, is actually noted from the: an excellent. Low rate out-of finances b. Subsistence top wages c. Higher rents d. All a lot more than Answer: D 56. Whom put forward the theory off societal dualism?