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DEMETER is new Olympian goddess regarding agriculture, grains and you can money

DEMETER is new Olympian goddess regarding agriculture, grains and you can money


ACHAEA (Achaia), good surname off Demeter wherein she are worshipped in the Athens from the Gephyraeans who had emigrated thither top Boeotia. (Herod. v. 61; Plut. Was. ainsi que Osir. p. 378, D.)

AMPHICTY?ONIS (Amphiktuonis), a good surname out of Demeter, produced from Anthela, in which she try worshipped around that it term, since it are the spot out of fulfilling on the amphictyons regarding Thermopylae, and since sacrifices had been open to the girl within opening of most of the meeting. (Herod. vii. two hundred ; Strab. ix. p. 429.)

ANESIDO?RA (Anesidora), the fresh spender out-of presents, a good surname given to Gaea and Demeter, the second out-of which got a forehead under it identity at the Phlius for the Attica. (Paus. we. 29. § 2; Hesych. s. v.; Plut. Sympos. p. 745.)

ANTAEA (Antaia), a beneficial surname off Demeter, Rhea, and you may escort review Allen TX Cybele, most likely is short for a beneficial deity just who child will get approach in prayers. (Orph. Hymn. forty. 1; Apollon. i. 1141; Hesych. s. v.)

BRIMO (Brimo), the fresh new furious or the terrifying, occurs while the a great surname many divinities, particularly Hecate or Persephone (Apollon. Rhod. iii. 861, 1211; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 1171), Demeter (Arnob. v. p. 170), and you may Cybele. (Theodoret. Ther. i. 699.) The new Scholiast toward Apollonius (l. c.) gets an additional derivation from Brimo from Bromos, as a result it would reference new crackling of the flames, because Hecate is actually designed bearing a torch.


CALLIGENEIA (Kalligeneia), a beneficial surname out of Demeter or out-of the lady nursing assistant and you will lover, otherwise away from Gaea. (Aristoph. Thesm. 3 hundred, on the Schol.; Hesych. s. v.; Phot. Lex. s. v.)

CARPO?PHORI (Karpophoroi), the newest fruitbearers, an effective surname off Demeter and you may Cora, not as much as that they was worshipped on Tegea. (Paus. viii. 53. § 3.) Demeter Carpophoros appears to have been worshipped into the Paros in addition to. (Ross, Reisen auf den Griech. Inseln, we. p. 44.)

CHAMYNE (Chamune), a surname out of Demeter inside Elis, which had been derived possibly from the world which have open (chainein) available to receive Pluto, or from 1 Chamynus, so you’re able to who the building off a forehead out-of Demeter from the Elis try ascribed. (Paus. vi. 21. § 1.)

CHLOE (Chloe), the new flowering, a surname out of Demeter the fresh new protectress of your eco-friendly areas, that has a retreat on Athens conjointly which have Ge Curotrophos. (Paus. i. twenty two. § 3; Eustath. post Horn. p. 772.) Which surname is likely alluded in order to whenever Sophocles (Oed. Col. 1600) phone calls the woman Demeter european union Chloos. (Comp. Aristoph. Lysist. 815.) Valuing the festival Chloeia, select Dict. off Ant. s.v.

CHRYSAOR (Chrusaor). New god towards fantastic sword otherwise hands. Within experience it’s put because a surname otherwise feature of numerous divinities, such Apollo (Hom. II. xv. 256), Artemis (Herod. viii. 77), and you may Demeter. (Hom. Hymn. from inside the Cer. 4.)

CHTHO?NIA (Chthonia), get mean the fresh new subterraucous, or the deity of your own world, which is, the fresh protectress of sphere, whence it’s used since the an effective surname out of infernal divinities, including Hecate (Apollon. Rhod. iv. 148; Orph. Hymn. thirty five. 9), Nyx (Orph. Hymn. dos. 8), and you will Melinoe (Orph. Hymn. 70. 1), however, especially from Demeter. (Herod. ii. 123; Orph. Hymn. 39. 12; Artemid. ii. 35; Apollon. Rhod. iv. 987.) Although the title, regarding Demeter, barely need need, but really mythology relates a couple of stories so you’re able to make up they. According to among them, Clymenus and you will Chthonia, the children out of Phoroneus, dependent from the Hermione a retreat regarding Demeter, and you will titled the lady Chthonia in the title of a single of one’s founders. (Paus. ii. 3.5. § 3.) Predicated on an enthusiastic Argive legend, Demeter on her wanderings found Argolis, where she try ill-obtained from the Colontas. Chthonia, their girl, is let down with her dad’s conduct, and you will, whenever Colontas along with his household was in fact burned of the deity, Chthonia is transmitted out-of by the girl to help you Hermione, where she based a refuge so you’re able to Demeter Chthonia, and instituted the newest event of your own Chthonia in her honour. (Paus. ii. thirty five. § 3; Dict. out of Ant. s. v. Chthonia.)